Dear Lisa,

Paige had the BEST party today! Everyone, including the one boy, Ryan, had an amazing time.  Your girls were so great, well organized and handled the flow of the party perfectly.  The kids didn't stop dancing, laughing, smiling and glamming! The kids didn't want it to end.  I really cannot say enough about how wonderful the party was and I have already received so many calls and emails about how much fun my guests had!  I would refer GLITZY CHICKS® in a heartbeat.

Thanks for helping Paige's 6th Birthday party be so memorable!

Jolie Goldring

Hi Jolie!  Thank you for your email.  I am thrilled that Paige had such a fabulous day!  Knowing that your child had a Happy Birthday that she will always remember is the best part of what we do :-)

 Your kind words and praise for my staff is much appreciated. They are a great team and I am very proud of them.

Thanks again for choosing Glitzy Chicks®.  It was truly our pleasure to serve you.

Yours truly,

Lisa Tomasetti

Hey Lisa,

Just wanted to send you a quick e-mail to say what a great job the girls did on Friday night for Caitlyn's birthday.  Everyone loved the party and the necklace sets.  My younger daughter is actually wearing hers to my nephew's wedding today!

Jeanie, Alexis and Kristen were fantastic.  They were professional and great with the girls.  Awesome party!!

Jean Christiano

I just wanted to thank you for the AWESOME party.  My daughter and her friends had a phenomenal time.  You guys were great.  You made each girl feel like she was special.  You kept everyone entertained & you made everything fun, fun, fun!  Thank you so much!!

Alison Perrone

I just received the Thank You's and had to send you a quick note.  You and your team surpassed all my expectations,...from the invitations, keeping in touch with me, the AMAZING PARTY, and finally the Thank You's.
I would recommend you a million times.

Randee Stapleton

This was the absolute best and easiest party that I have ever had!  The girls had a blast and all of the boys have "crushes" on the GLITZY CHICKS now!  Your parties are awesome!

Brooklyn, NY

What an amazing party!  The girls absolutley loved it. Your crew is extremely well organized and professional, not to mention "FANTASTIC" with children!  Thanks ever so much!

NYC, New York

I am recommending the Glitzy Chicks® to everyone that I know!  I've never seen children enjoy a party more.  Your crew is amazing with kids and all of the girls looked like they belonged on MTV when they were made over.  My daughter can't wait until next year.

Angela DiGregorio
Colts Neck, NJ

This party was the best.  The girls loved all of the pampering and the boys had a blast.  The Runway Show was the cutest thing I've ever seen!  Thank you so much!

The Messina Family
Staten Island, NY

Did I have a party here today? I can't tell because my house is still clean and I do not need any aspirin! Seriously, how do you do it? I am in awe.

Cathy Carestia
Brooklyn, NY

Glitzy Chicks® is the best party that I ever had!

Brooklyn, NY

I thought my GLITZY CHICKS® party was the bomb!  I had a lot of fun and my friends did too.  I want to have another Glitzy Chicks® party next year.  Hope to see you again.

Stephanie Mercieca
Staten Island, NY

This was the greatest party! The girls looked glitzy and gorgeous and the boys looked so cool and handsome! I wish I was a kid again so I could have one for myself!

Kelly Gambino
Middletown, NJ

Thank you so much for the greatest STRESS-FREE party ever! I can't wait to see the photos. The kids look amazing.

Lisa Rivera
Marine Park, Brooklyn

I loved my party.  It was the best.  Daddy didn't recognize me when he got home.

Jordan Angelis
Brooklyn, NY

My party was great.  All of my friends were done up and beautiful.  It was awesome and the games were so much fun!

Tylar Slavin
Brooklyn, NY

What can I say?  Everything was amazing.  I highly recommend Glitzy Chicks® to everyone because I was able to SIT, RELAX and watch the children have the greatest time ever!

Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn

The party that I had today was the greatest party I ever had.  I hope I do it again next year.  My sister will probably ask if she can have the GLITZY CHICKS® too.

Alyssa Durante
Rockaway, NY

I love the GLITZY CHICKS® because they made my birthday perfect. I loved everything.

Staten Island, NY

My friends never saw this before and now they think I'm so lucky to have a Glitzy Chicks® party.  I think I'm lucky too.

Christina Castore
Brooklyn, NY

Thank You so much for making Luisa's birthday awesome. You made my life so easy and did an amazing job. The children had the best time. 

Staten Island, NY

Thank you for making my life easy.  This was the greatest party because you did everything.  The girls and boys were well-entertained.  Everyone had a ball.

Barbara Marino
Howell, NJ

Keep on Rockin' girls! You are the best.  Thanks for an extra special day!

The Messina Family
Staten Island, NY

This party was the best.  The girls loved all of the pampering and the boys had a blast.  The Runway Show was the cutest thing I've ever seen!  Thank you so much!

Lisa Rodriguez
Marine Park, Brooklyn

I love my party and I love Glitzy Chicks®. I feel like a movie star.

Staten Island, NY

This was the greatest party that I ever had for my daughter.  All of her guests, Mom's included, just loved it!  We all enjoyed being GLITZY CHICKS® for a day.

Marine Park, Brooklyn

Thank you so much for everything.  Brittany will remember this forever.

Stacey and Sean D'Esterno
Brooklyn, NY

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!  You made my day so easy and all of the children had a ball.

Hazlet, NJ

Thank you so much for making Bridget's Birthday so special.  She truly had a wonderful time.  She really thinks she is a "Glitzy Chick®".

Margaret Buckley
Brooklyn, NY

I think your parties are amazing.  Thank you for making my Twins' Birthday so special.

April Tadeo
Staten Island, NY

I love you. I love my hair and make-up and nails.  Thank you for coming to my birthday.

Brooklyn, NY

All of my friends think this party was WAY COOL.

Staten Island, NY

I am very happy today because I had the best party ever. When I get to be big I will be a Glitzy Chick® too.

Dyker Heights, Brooklyn

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